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 Rep Trials

We have had numerous enquiries from players regarding eligibility to trial for Penrith Oztag representative Teams.  A previous stance has been you must be registered in the current Summer competition to be eligible.  We have now relaxed this requirement and have some guidelines under which players not registered can seek an exemption.  All players not registered who may wish to seek exemption to trial are asked to read these guidelines and APPLY FOR AN EXEMPTION (an email with details to penrith@oztag.com.au will suffice).

Any queries please see Jamie at the fields on a game night.

Remider rep trials commence this Friday evening, times and details can be downloaded here.


Mixed Regrades

All Mixed Teams, we have done the regrading and are in the process of fixing the draw up now, it will go up one the web this afternoon. There have been some changes but not a lot, a number of teams could not be moved to due to player clashes as their players were in multiple teams. Some people will be happy, some not. I am sorry but that is just how it is, with over 100 teams and field restrictions we have to manage the comp within these constraints. Some teams who are at the bottom of the ladder, you need to get your players to turn up, it is no use playing with 6 or 7 players every week and then asking to go down, it will not happen.
Anyway please make sure you check your game time this afternoon as there will have been changes
The Ankle Breakers - up to Div 3 fom Div 4
2 Arsy - Down to Div 4 from Div 3
Yallah - Up to Div 5 from Div 6
The Inappropriates - Down to Div 6 from Div 5
Misfits - Up to Div 6 from Div 8
The Barracuda's - Down to Div 7 from Div 6
Res Rats - Down to Div 7 from Div 4
Allstars - Down to Div 8 from Div 7
Decibels - Down to Div 8 from Div 7
Fire & Ice - Up to Div 8 from Div 10
Spartans - Down to Div 9 from Div 8
Blowins - Up to Div 9 from Div 11
The Mozzies - Down to Div 9 from Div 8
LOL - Up to Div 10 from Div 12
Tough Luck - Up to Div 10 from Div 12
Harris Street Harlequins - Down to Div 11 from Div 9
Kiss My Pass - Down to Div 11 from Div 9
Tag Raiders - Down to Div 12 from Div 10
The Chazzwazzers - Down to Div 12 from Div 11

Happy to discuss any questions people may have regarding this BUT seem me (Jamie) at the fields, I am not going to get into discussions over FaceBook.

Rep Trials

Full details can be downloaded here 

These are the dates and times for first 2 lots of trials.  These are START times so please make sure you are there, signed on and ready to go at these times.

Friday 28th November

Mens Opens - 6.30pm

Ladies Opens - 6.30pm

Mixed Opens - 7.30pm

Mixed 20's - 8.30pm

Mens 20's - 7.30pm

Mens 30's - 8.30pm

Mens 35's - 6.30pm

Mens 40's - 8.30pm

Mens 45's - 8.30pm

Sunday 30th November

Mens Opens - 6.00pm

Ladies Opens - 6.00pm

Mixed Opens - 7.00pm

Mixed 20's - 8.00pm

Mens 20's - 7.00pm

Mens 30's - 8.00pm

Mens 35's - 7.00pm

Mens 40's - 7.00pm

Mens 45's - 7.00pm

Unregistered Players

Despite numerous warnings there were a number of teams play players who were not registered last week, as a result these teams have lost three points on top of not receiving any points for the game.  Everyone was warned that any players not registered or who still had to pay registration fees must go to the commitee room and sort the registration out BEFORE they played.  A number just chose to write their names on the registration sheet and played, you have cost your team points.   Remember if you are not on the sheet your must see the ladeis in the room and sort your registration out BEFORE you play.

Bonus points have also been given to all teams that had their registration fees paid in full BEFORE round 1.  If your players paid the money on the night of Round 1 you do not get the bonus points.  Enough messages went out about this.


Playing Shirts
We are now offering playing shirts for sale through the Association.  You can download our catalog hereWe also have shirts at The Kingsway that your players can try on for sizing, so come down on a game night and try them on.  We also have some samples of the material and collar options available.  Please keep in mind that all designs are fully customisable and we can also produce any design you may create yourself.  Delivery is 4-5 weeks from finalisation of design and payment of 50% deposit.  If you have any questions or need more information see us on any game night.